DISEÑO MECÁNICO Y FABRICACIÓN: Equipamiento disponible

Mechanical design and manufacturing

Equipment available

  • Multimedia classrooms, virtual reality and stereoscopic projection classroom
  • Mechanical design room and simulation room
  • Optalign system for laser alignment of shafts
  • Vibration data collector/analyser, stroboscopic lamp and accelerometers
  • CNC-controlled 1700 W CO2 laser machining centre
  • CNC-controlled 1400 W diode laser equipped with a coaxial cladding head
  • 10 kW Nd:Yag laser for micro-welding
  • Tribology Lab
  • UMT3 Universal Tribometer
  • 3D multicolour printer (rapid prototyping)
  • Data acquisition systems equipped with high frequency GPS that may be installed in vehicles
  • Sensors: magnetoresistive speed, high frequency wire potentiometers (for suspension) and steering-wheel potentiometers, uniaxial and triaxial accelerometers for low accelerations, different range load cells, LVDT remote transducers, aerodynamic, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure transducers, load cell decelerometer for brake pedal force measurement, pitot tubes for aerodynamic measurements, conditioner for 4 strain gauge bridges, radar gun for speed measurement
  • Measurement of velocity and position by means of high precision RTK DGPS
  • Impact and traffi c accident logger (impact accelerometers)
  • Instrumented vehicles for fi eld-tests
  • Machining equipment: milling machines and lathes (CNC and conventional), drilling machine, press and folding machine and EDM
  • Injection moulding machine
  • Industrial design room with 30 iMac computers
  • Metrology Lab: measuring instruments, gauge blocks, surface plates, height columns, roughness tester, etc.
  • Three-dimensional measuring equipment: coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and portable coordinate measuring arms (PCMA), with the possibility of inspection by laser triangulation sensors as well as contact probing on both devices.
  • In-house commercial software for:
  • Mechanism simulation and synthesis
  • Instrument and calibration management
  • Vibration analysis
  • Design, simulation and control
  • Major alterations
  • Vehicle dynamics simulation
  • Manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM)
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