IUTA’s prime goal is to contribute to the technological development of the region by fomenting and implementing R&D and Innovation activities that are of special interest to the Asturian business community. IUTA fosters all those activities that promote technological innovation in companies as well as the development of their products and services. In this respect, besides undertaking applied research and support projects, the Institute provides training, specialisation, recycling and knowledge-updating courses for the technical staff of firms.


     Another of its fundamental goals is to foster the training of young graduates and their incorporation in the labour market via specialisation courses and by fostering their participation in industrial and research projects.


     To achieve these goals, the IUTA has undertaken diverse assignments since its creation, including both the carrying out of applied research projects and the organising of different seminars and courses. The main sources of funding for these activities comprise contracts with companies and economic aid from Gijón City Council, aid which it has received uninterruptedly from the outset within the framework of a Collaboration Agreement. Other resources proceed from offi cial calls for applications for applied research and technology development grants (FICYT, CICYT, DGICYT and EU).



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